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Our Superhero Team
Captain America
Shop Manager

Here since our beginnings, 'Cap' has seen and been through it all! His leadership, charisma and dedication to doing the right thing has made him an ideal leader in the shop!

Senior Automotive Technician

Superman has also been with us since our beginnings and represents the best attributes of humanity and the ultimate force for good imaginable. His selflessness, compassion and the desire to always do the right thing are traits we could learn from and aspire to. If there's ever a problem that comes up in the shop that seems insurmountable, Superman always comes to the rescue!

Service Technician

With nearly unlimited strength, rapid tissue regeneration powers and inexhaustible stamina, it seems there's no job the Hulk can't handle! Of course this means he's always assigned to the big jobs in the shop, so don't expect him to be doing your next oil change.

Service Technician

Thor: the Norse God of thunder. He is not only invincible in almost every sense of the word but he takes the meaning of “skilled warrior” to an entirely new level and he uses those skills in the shop every day! Moreover, he has a hammer that gives him almost absolute control over space and time.

Parts Manager

By tapping into the Speed Force, Flash can run, think, and act faster than light itself. And as impressive as that is, it doesn’t end there. He can also move through time, phase through matter, and even read/acquire knowledge at a hyper-accelerated rate. Tell me who's better qualified to be our parts manager?

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